Safety Tips for industrial worker

Why is worker safety necessary?

During the hot summer days, industrial workers have an increased risk of acquiring health disorders such as dehydration, heat stroke or the other heat-related illnesses. The risks are immensely high in the factories with equipment that generate immense amount of heat such as laundries, brick firing plants, rubber products factories and iron foundries. Workers must therefore protect themselves by wearing the necessary safety harness and following the stated company policies.

Important Safety Tips for industrial worker


The type of clothes you wear is directly related to the safety Jackets and comfort you have when you are working in the industrial environment. You must therefore choose clothing which is designed from lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen. These type of fabrics are good sweat absorbents. You must strictly avoid synthetic fabrics whenever and wherever possible as these tend to be heavier and add to the discomfort at workplace. Dark colors have the tendency to absorb heat. So you must try and wear light colored fabrics like white or cream.

You must strictly follow the employer’s dress code when you select the clothing for workplace. Wear safety helmets to minimize the impact of accidents, if any.


When you work in heat, getting enough to drink is essentially important. Never wait until you are thirsty to start drinking water. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends consumption of about two to four glasses of cool liquids every hour of being engaged in physical activity in the hot environment. Strictly avoid drinks which contain alcohol.

These can make you lose the body fluid thereby increasing the risk of dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration include:

  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Decreased urine output
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Light headedness or
  • Dry skin

If ever you experience any of the dehydration symptoms, you must seek medical help immediately.

Protective Footwear

When you are on a lookout for a nice pair of safety shoes, you ought to pick something which protects your feet from the hot floors. However, before making a purchase, you must take into consideration your job duties and work environment. Those working with electrical equipment must seek a pair of shoe that has the sole which has the ability to resist electrical shocks. If you work on a floor that is immensely slippery, you can go with the non-slip soles to avoid any chance of slip and fall accidents. Generally, the shoes which are designed for hot weather conditions come insulated with neoprene, acrylic nitrile or any other elastomers that come with elastic properties.


Your eyes too may be at a risk when you work in an industry. The danger can be from the dust, debris or smoke. Hence, it is necessary to keep your eyes protected. To ensure proper protection for the eyes, you must wear an eye protector. Variety of safety goggles are available in the market or at the online store. So, choose one depending upon the nature of your work.

Take Breaks

Summer work conditions are not easy. They mostly depend on the amount of humidity in the air, temperature as well as the amount of heat generated by the sun. If the job that you are engaged in requires you to wear a protective gear, you’ll naturally have a hard time working in the heat. Such clothing may be baggy and might not be the most comfortable thing. Thus, taking breaks in the middle of the work even if it is for 5 minutes is necessary. It will help you overcome the heat stress and prevent the workers from getting sick. You must take breaks in the shade as the sun can increase your level of heat exposure. Also note that you must never take rest breaks in hazardous areas as this can increase the risk of accidents.


Lastly, if you have to work outdoors for a long period of time, you must take measures to avoid sunburn. Sunburn can lead to irritation or skin redness. In some serious cases, it may also lead to the formation of blisters. Those who suffer from sunburn can experience loss of fluids. This makes it hard for the body to cool itself. You must therefore prevent sunburns by applying a sunscreen a minimum of 30 minutes before you work in the heat. Always opt for a sunscreen that has a SPF of at least 15 and assures a broad-spectrum. Cover your body completely to reduce the exposure to sun. UV rays can also damage your eyes and lead to cataracts in later stages of life. So, you must wear an eye protector to minimize the damage as much as possible.

Final Say

Every worker must follow these summer safety tips to keep them protected from the hazards of the workplace.